Bread Pudding Recipes

Bread pudding is a dessert that's made all over the world — it was first made to use up stale bread so that it didn't go to waste. Many different toppings are added, depending on where the pudding is made, including chilli, custard, chocolate, spices, vanilla and fruit. Take a look at the recipes below for a range of bread puddings from around the world.

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About Bread and Butter Pudding:

The earliest bread and butter puddings were called 'whitepots' — due to their colour and what they were cooked in. They were often made with bone marrow, because it was such a cheap commodity. Whitepots were also made with rice if bread wasn't available — which is probably where the first rice puddings came from.

More modern puddings may contain ingredients like beer or Irish cream and many will contain stewed fruit. A lot of different breads are also used, such as brioche, croissants and ciabatta — this makes for different textures and flavours, and the use of such breads is thought to 'glam up' a traditional bread and butter pudding.

As well as the usual sweet bread and butter puddings, there are also savoury bread and butter puddings that include savoury custard and cheese, with the addition of other ingredients such as sweetened leeks, onions, mushrooms and bacon.

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